Window Tinting

For the ultimate in stylish comfort, nothing beats automotive window tinting. Solar glare and heat are significantly reduced, meaning less air conditioning and more savings on gas.

Benefits of Tinting

  • Provides insulation from Extreme Temperatures
  • Reduces Glare
  • Increases Comfort
  • Promotes Energy Savings
  • Reduces Interior Fading
  • Improves Overall Appearance
  • Increases Safety by - Making Glass Shatter Resistant


All our automotive window film is cut state-of-the-art computerized window film cutting software. The technology allows for better fit, accuracy and style. A factory look, micro-edge contour cuts is what you will get from Automotivation Automotive Services.

Only the Best Films

  • Colour-stable film that never turns purple
  • Absolutely no unsightly bubbling or peeling
  • Durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against film defects such as bubbling, peeling and colour fade

Tint Options

LLumar ATC

Lifetime, colour stable warranty that is guaranteed not to change colour. The ATC will never turn purple and it will never fade. The ATC is a true non-conductive, signal friendly film that will not interfere with any of today’s electronics. Your AM radio, Satellite Radio and GPS system will not be affected by the LLumar ATC. The film looks better than other non-conductive films, it does not look blue or green, and it simply looks clean. The ATC is the longest lasting colour stable film on the market today and we are honored to offer this product.

  • 2 Windows - From $70.00
  • Coupes & Sedans (5 windows) - From $250.00
  • SUV's & Vans (5 windows plus) - From $300.00

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